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Jason Aves - Cam Failures # 267 & 268

new 6/2/03

Jason & Nicole Aves
Pataskala, OH

I know their first names are Jason and Nicole for sure, and the reverse lookup I did on their phone # they had listed was accurate with their address (as I was able to look at the car) so I have no reason to doubt it.

My understanding is that this puppy failed a couple of years ago, was repaired (by himself), and he thinks another cam failed. It has sat for two years and he hasn't had time to work with it.


I had never seen the car, but I drove by (never talked to the owners I just reverse mapped their phone number at anywho.com). First time I've ever seen a RM damn that color is beee-utiful. This car has some damage along the bottom of both passenger side doors, wonder how good a body shop can do with that paint???

No one was home, but the car was sitting out, here is the VIN


Damn it has chromes too. I can always hope that the current buyer backs out, or can't get a trailer to pick the puppy up. I'd love to drive even a dented up 96 RM to the convention, the wife could driver her '99.


Saw a listing in the local paper this last week in the Auto Part/ Tires category of a 96 SHO with 70K that said "doesn't run needs cam" $1500. I called and it was a 96 RM. Current owner said that a cam had failed in it and he had repaired it but thinks one went on the other bank now, and he just hasn't had time with his work schedule to mess with it. He said that he bought the replacement cam for about $300 direct from Ford (possibly 2 years ago or so - were cams ever around 300?) Supposedly the car has been in the garage for almost 2 years and just recently was moved outside to make space.

Since it was a RM, and I was exploring engine parts options, I called back hoping they still had it but they said it was already sold.

Is the new owner anyone on the list?

PS: Based on my searches it does not appear that this failure was reported to Tim.

Rats I missed a Rose Mist!!

Scott Krietemeyer

Actually the buyer he had backed out... She's gonna be mine! Price is allready negotiated, I'll be picking it up tomorrow.


With luck I may have her at the convention even.

Better check with Don, does he let Rose mist SHO attend, has that ever happened before?  ;-)

Best of luck Scott.


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