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Jason Atkinson - Cam Failure #771

New 12/15/06

Bought this car about 6 months ago, been watching the site since then. Thanks for the info, it has come in handy.

We picked up the car from the local dealer and they told me it never had anything major done to it, then 3 months later when I expressed my concerns about the cams, they tell me that the previous customer had one of the cams changed, but would not elaborate any and refuse to give me any further information. I sent my sales gal the link to this site, and haven't heard from her since.

Good thing is, my wife's nephews know the original owners of the car, and as they are a retired couple, never "beat" on it like some hot rod junkie might have. I'm still trying to connect with them to find out exactly what the dealer did and didn't do to the car. Till then we enjoy the car and soon as we can afford will have someone look at the car to see if the cams have been welded or not. If not, I think we should plan on getting hold of Eric (if he still does this work) and get them done. Any chance you could forward me his e-mail address to get current pricing on the repairs that he does?


Jason Atkinson, Kingsville, ON, 99 Green

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