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James L. Morris - Cam Failure # 265

new 5/26/03

I bought my 1998 Taurus SHO 1FAFP54N6WA224939 as a one year old program unit from the ford dealer where I worked as a finance manager. I had to give up my 1994 Mustang GT because my wife was pregnant. We wanted something SAFE and Sporty. I had all the maintenance done @ the Ford dealer where I worked. (It was convenient)

@ just over 60K the transmission went out and using my connections I got it fixed for 2700.00 (some connections) Then the engine light comes on and 514.00 later they replace the butterflies. The car still runs like Sh*t and two weeks later it dies on my wife we have towed to my work to be told we have a cam failure and it will cost us at least 5000.00+ to fix it I still owe 11,000 to FMCC on a car that doesn't run, I can't trade out of because fixed I couldn't get 11,000 out of it.

Very Frustrated,
James L. Morris

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