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James - Cam Failure #326


My SHO just went down 3 days ago. It has 122K miles. I guess it will just sit. I can't afford the repairs. What exactly is the problem with the cams? I thought about trying to fix it myself. How do you go about joining in on the lawsuit? My VIN # is 1FALP54N9TA292442-999 I purchased it wrecked about 1.5 years ago. 



James has been provided the necessary information to convince him this is not a "shade tree" project. Details will hopefully follow



Hello Larry, 

I hope the information below is sufficient. Thank You for your help. 


VIN - 
Date of malfunction - 12/06/03 
Where - Center St. 
Odometer - 122300 
How fast - 40mph 
At a constant speed 
Purchased used on about 07/02 
Odometer then - 99000 
Personal info - James T. Dukes South Carrollton Ky 42374 

The valves started chattering loudly and the idle was erratic, then it died and I started the engine and it ran very rough and sounded like it was firing on some open valves. 
I haven't had it looked at by a dealer. I live 30 miles from the closest dealer. No way to get it there or anyway to pay for the service. I am only working 17 hours per week. 
Another sad example of how Ford's inconsideration is wreaking economic havoc on someone's life.


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