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JR - Cam Failure


Another one bites the dust. My '96 w/49k finally died after two confusing weeks of clicking. I bought the car used in late '99 w/30k for $14k, now $7k later, 19k mi later, I might have to eat the rest of the bill. I'm very disappointed in FOMOCO for ignoring this very destructive problem. I hope FOMOCO understand the frustrations of their most passionate customers (us that proudly? own the " That can't be a V8 " grocery getter")

Having previously owned the unequaled handling '93 Probe GT. I will never buy another Ford again, and will join hundreds, possibly thousands of ex-Ford fanatics with rusted Gen3's in their driveways with broken hearts or broken wallets. With only 49k, high mileage is out the window. This is a problem that FOMOCO missed, no blame on YAMAHA , FOMOCO should have caught this piss-poor design!!!

This is BAD for FOMOCO and will get worse if they continue to ignore the problem.

The SHO is considered to them, and anyone who has never driven one a HAS BEEN and I feel that a car 7yrs old, 3yrs out of production just doesn't cause enough concern for the people with the power.

Besides, they're to busy gouging people $40k for a Power Stroke.

I feel helpless, but mostly disappointed.

Spfld, OH
'96 Gen3 Toreador Red (Deceased)
00' S-10 (Dependable)

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