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Is We Bad Furd Owners?

new 8/19/02

Hi Tim.

I spoke with my regional manager (Region B2) today and asked her why I was declined relief for my repairs. Ford corporate apparently has set some guidelines to follow when considering relief for customers. The regional manager looks at the several things, one being if the car is under warranty / out of warranty, mileage of the vehicle, loyalty of the customer. She would not provide me information regarding why I am considered a "disloyal" ford customer. The criteria for being deemed a loyal customer is "privileged and confidential".

She also made mention of the fact that I had somehow found out about the "PO5" program. This program is supposed to be tightly controlled so that "Joe consumer" does not find out that such a program exists. The program is in place to essentially let dealerships help the "loyal" Ford customers.

Having said that, I would hope that you would bring this program to light on the V8sho webpage. To verify the existence of this program, one could call the Ford Customer Service center, Ford Resolution center, talk to their dealership service manager, etc. and see that this program truly exists. They will probably be upset that someone has found out about this program.

I will spread the word of this program to as many places as I can.


Barry Broering

I am told Ford flagged my Oasis report as a "disloyal" or "troublemaker". They are right in a way, it has come to that. They forget that SHO owners are the most loyal and fanatical, when given cams that work OK. Joke 'em. 

It might be because of all the dealerships I picked fights with. They can't do a brake job per FOMOCO policy, or fix a transmission in less than a month, so It's MY fault?


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