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Interesting Trend


Last few weeks I have received a few odd reports of Cam Failures. They are fragmented and lack most of the critical details. I was puzzled by the trend but several had phone numbers so to the detriment to my phone bill I call them all back. 

These folks are not for the most part car folks. They may not know what a VIN is. They lack WWW or Email skills and never belonged to a car club in their life. Someone told them about V8SHO so they found us and learned to send an email from their sisters PC or from the public library.

They make a small minority of the cases reported on V8SHO, we typically get reports from web literate car guys. One day soon we will find all those owners who don't have our car/web sickness and the number of total cam failures will be 10 times larger.

Those folks who first had the inspiration to use the web to find us, then learned to us the web to find us, then figured out how to send an E mail are heroes in my book. They are welcome here. Right now they amount to a trickle within the stream, When we contact every V8SHO owner they will be the ocean and we will be the drop in that ocean. 

And I don't think Ford will be able to stem the tide.


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