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IL Tim - Cam Failure


Hi Tim,

VIN: 1FAFP54N5XA231625 cam shaft failure with 45,700 miles and I have bugged FORD every day since I bought it 3 weeks ago. My local dealer is trying to help since my wife and I just bought a new car there 4 weeks ago. Here is an idea. I was told that is was law that a manufacturer keep parts on vehicles less that 10 years old. If that is true FOMOCO fails to do that because there are NO engines available thru FOMOCO for replacement. I found that out today while meeting with the Service Director at my local dealership. Here is a great one FORD sold the car I now own knowing that it had engine problems without disclosing it to the bidders at the NEWBERG AUTO Auction! Boy I tell you FORD Has some nerve!! Please use my info via secure access to Legal hands.




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