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How to Schedule With Performance Plus

new 7/25/03, 7/29/03


I finally got the info you requested. We have done 37 cam welds so far with 6 more scheduled for August. All from 2002 to present--hadn't had any requests for them until then. As for our scheduling procedure, we held a company meeting and it was unanimously decided to keep to our current procedure of scheduling for a month on the 15th of the previous month. We realize this is not convenient for many people but with only Doug doing all the work, its the best way to keep him from burning out. Also, this keeps it fair for all our customers as everyone has the same chance. March, April, and May are the months that book the fastest--the Mustangs begin to come out of winter storage and most people want them worked on before summer starts. Fall and Winter are generally slower and its easier to get in then.


Performance Plus is in Madison WI, they do great work but can be awkward to schedule with. Secret seems to be call on the 15th just after midnight and tell them on their answering machine what days are good for you., (leave a message) . That gets your name on the short list.- Buford

Contact Info:

Performance Plus
5380B King James Way
Madison, WI 53719
Fax: 608-277-9232
Voice: 608-277-8161
Email perfplus@execpc.com


Just a quick note on the Performance Plus scheduling issue: While it may not be the most convenient process I can tell you from first hand experience that it is well worth the slight inconvenience. I had my cams welded by Doug in February of this year...I live in Chicago so I left the car with him for a few days and asked him to do a complete checkup. I was prepared to spend big $$ on parts an pieces I thought I needed. Doug is extremely honest professional performing only the work he felt the car truly needed. I felt as if he worked on my car as if it were his own.

Once you get in touch with Doug or Cathy they are very responsive and treat you as a valued customer. I hear they have done a remodel since I was there but I can also tell you that the shop was spotless and very well run.


Scott Van Lyssel
96 Ebony Satin
80k- Welded at 70k


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