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Helen Of KY - Cam Failure #311

new 10/12/03

Within 2 days of purchasing my SHO, I noticed a clattering sound in the top of the engine. I had several mechanics look at this and got different reasons for it. By the 10th day, The engine light began flashing and the car died. the Ford dealer mentioned nothing about a cam and seemed to have no idea what the problem could be. The car would turn over and did start again but it sounds like a diesel engine. I do have a warranty through Eagle warranty corp (never heard of them). I towed the car when this happened and the service guys started it. It has been moved to another repair shop. The help I desperately need is-what now? I am not sure what replacing the cam the right way would consist of, much less what should be reworked if this is to be done. Stuff like seals, valve adjustment, and anything else that I don't have a clue about. If the cam or cams? fail-does that mean the engine has to be replaced? Please someone help!!!!!!!!!! And while this is being done, should I approach them about welding the cam? I am taking a copy of info on the web site to show the mechanic. I love the car and want it fixed right. I need help. I thank you for the time needed to educate me in advance. 

Helen in Kentucky

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