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Hammy Needs Help

new 5/29/03, updated 8/19/03

John Hamilton is doing some work for us, a little comparative anatomy.

we need 

1) fubar old V8SHO cam - any position

2) one new (less expensive) V8SHO cam - the same position as above.

If you would like to help send a note to John

We are hoping anyone will donate a bad cam.

We are passing the hat, $5, $10 each, or whatever to purchase a new & improved "cheaper cam." Either way neither cam will be functional when we are done so at best you may get only large pieces back..

I can't tell you exactly what we intend to do with it. (not to put in a car); we don't know if Hammy can buy a new cam in CAN or if we have to send him one so don't send any money yet.

It's not tax deductible, Ford will not thank you, it is for a good cause. John is donating his time and facilities. 

If you would like to help, respond to both of us (or either) off list.




The first plan we had for getting a new camshaft to Hammy is fallen through. I think it is time to pass the hat. I am thinking if I can get about $5 from 30 folks that will pay for the camshaft, shipping and tax,

Anyone who kicks in will get credit on V8SHO FAQ the same day the check arrives.

The sooner we get the bucks the sooner Hammy gets the bump stick. If we go over the actual cost of the cam excess funds will go to the V8SHO site provider fund that Don Mallinson keeps for V8SHO unless someone wants their check back. 

Muchas Gracias


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From: Timothy Wright 
To: Paul Nimz ; 1 V8SHO list 
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 1:16 AM
Subject: Re: Cam Fund for Hammy

Paul, do you want to collect the paypal for me and send me a check?


Timing is everything. Holiday Ford phoned this am and informed me that after 4 weeks on order, my new cam is finally in! I had just went ahead and ordered it as I believe we are a timeline of sorts and I wasn't too worried about money. I figured at worst it will just a lot of free beer at conventions. I was/am still groggy from weekend nightshifts taking the call from the dealership but I will pick up tomorrow. 

I do have the damaged cam from Scott Wemstrom. UPS ended up dinging me for every charge one could imagine but I ate it so as to have it. I didn't post but the ongoing b.s. saga went on for weeks fighting it. (didn't want to sound like a whiner eh). They won out with the famous "threatening credit letter" from the Collections Department Manager in red envelope trick. Bawstards. US Post/Canada Post is so much nicer. Classify as gift and that's it, no charges.

I also still have Mike Frey's cam that he has so graciously allowed me to temporarily adopt.

Long and short:

Post initial observations within 2 days.
Start chopping on the weekend.
Take in for analysis/dimensioning on my next nightshifts of Aug 14 and 15.
Post comments by Labour Day weekend.

John Hamilton
Ida, ON, CA

'97 ES
'91 Mocha/Mocha
'89 S10 Blazer 2WD 

I guess that is great, you still need to be paid for the camshaft, taxes, S&H, and UPS proctologist fees, add it all up with all out of pocket costs because we are passing the hat for you. It will bust my chops to convert real money to CDN, but we can work it out somehow.

Thank you Scott, and thank you Hammy.

If we send beer north must we mark it "Gift" or can we just send the empties?



I think this is the plan, so far.

Hammy has 1 or 2 bad cams. He ordered and paid for a new cam out of his own pocket. I asked Hammy to keep a record of all his direct and incidental costs because importing bad cams to Canada was a pill. I would like to make sure Hammy is not out of pocket for this. 

Paul Nimz offered first to host paypal for those who prefer that method. Thank you Paul. Anyone who contributes via check or paypal will get listed on V8SHO as contributors for this project, that is the audit check. I may send Paul a check for what I receive and have him paypal Hammy or Clare which ever is easiest or quickest.

Hammy will lose some family time doing this for us and he has not asked for compensation. Unless anyone objects I submit that if the funds are available we should give him a little extra to 1) Lube his SHO, 2) Lube Hammy, 3) take Mrs. Hammy out to dinner. At least an extra $100?

We can't fully compensate Hammy but we can show our gratitude.


Unequivocally no. Nobody else gets paid to sweat under a car then share the results for the benefit of all, and I'm not breaking a sweat at all. End of story.

I have my own PayPal so no problem there.

My monetary contribution is to eat the UPS flogging charges of $42 something.

Picked up cam this morning.   $254.92Cdn

$184.66 US based on today's exchange.

John Hamilton
Ida, ON, CA

'97 ES
'91 Mocha/Mocha
'89 S10 Blazer 2WD 

Contributions are no longer required. Those who sent me checks by mail have a choice, I can return their check, just void the check or give it to Don Mallinson for V8SHO for next year (which starts in November 03) - Many thank to all who helped. - Tim & Larry

Those who have contributed:

Buford  - $5 James Jensen  - $5 Ian Macoomb - $5 Carter Fujibayashi - $15
Bradley DeGroft  - $5 John Stout - $50 Anonda Motorsports - $20 Paul Marvar - $20
Pamela Lee - $5 William Wilson III - $10 Glenn Murdock - $5 William Moore - - $25
Ronald Fleshman - $15 George Gadebusch - $5 Amy Sheetz - $10 Preston Coates - $5
Holly Bailey - $50 Lindsey Briggs - $10 John Jones -$5 Paul Nimz - $5
Larry Eck - $10 Karl Kramer Jr. - $5    



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