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Hamilton's Cam Shaft Disassembly

new 12/19/03

Hey Gents. I got the machining/disassembly process and some measurements done on the sprockets.

What I did was cut off the sprocket/shaft. Set up the assembly and bored out to just under the sprocket teeth. I then file the remaining portion of the shaft into two pieces and removed the shaft leaving the sprocket ID untouched.

The ID of both sprockets is identical at ~1.035". In fact all dimensions are identical across the board. The only difference is the adhesive introduced into the joint.

The shaft dia. Is known at 1.045", which leads us to the conclusion that the teeth are only "sunk" into the shaft 0.005" per tooth. That is not very much considering tolerances (allowable dimensional variance) and such.

Looking at it this way;

land per tooth X width per tooth X # teeth = amount of mat'l interfering

0.005" X 0.600" = 0.003 sq inches per tooth, X 30 teeth = 0.090 sq inches of interference mat'l per sprocket.

Not a lot really. I will figure out the yield strength for this amount based on mat'l spec.

I was not able to get good pics because the camera I was using at work does not have manual focus therefore unable to get a good pic of the adhesive in the sprocket ID. It kept focusing on the sprocket in general. I will say this though, on the "new" assembly it is thoroughly wicked throughout the joint. I attached what I got for pics. I think Santa is bringing me a new digital camera so I will send better ones after Christmas.

What I am going to do next is remove the outside shaft leaving the mandrel intact so as to measure it's OD. Also out of interest I will remove a couple of cam lobes for pics of ID and OD.

Thanks for your patience guys.

John Hamilton

'97 ES '91 Mocha/Mocha 
'89 S10 Blazer 2WD


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