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Title: Greg Churchill Cam Failure #304


My name is Greg Churchill from Columbus, OH. And on 9/24 the cam went on my 99. My wife was coming home from Cleveland when the car just stopped taking in fuel and died in Mansfield, OH. She was at cruising speed around 70 on the highway. And of course she had my 4 yr old son in a thunderstorm and did not have her phone with her.

 We had it towed to Graham Ford Mansfield. Paul in the service department called me today with the diagnosis and a verbal estimate of $3800.00. We are in a very sticky situation still financing the car and have no where near $3800 to fix. And that is our one family car. 
So add me to the list. My vin #1fafp54nxxa202315. I bought it used from Ricart Ford in Columbus in Dec. '00. I will follow your steps and am very open to any suggestions.
Greg Churchill


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