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Great Saves

new 7/20/03

Subject: Re: Cam Weld

In a message dated 7/20/03 11:34:08 AM Central Daylight Time, wright.timothy@insightbb.com writes:

Only drive it to get on a trailer, and then only if you have to.

Right now your our out $1000, why make it $6,000?

And if you have cam noise, you already have had a cam failure. 

True words. I just welded a car that the owner said he heard noises from the cams. He trailered the car to me and we had to start the car to get it off the trailer. Quite a racket!

Pulled the valve covers. The rear head intake cam had slid about 1/4 " to the driver's side and was quite loose rotationally too. This WAS the car that would have blown up on the way to the welders. Safe moving call saved this owner a destroyed head bill.

If you hear `em. STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW! It SUCKS to change heads!

Eric Lehmann

Missed you on the track, Eric.

Recently we had a rash of cars getting welded at the last possible moment.

Must be all of Larry's prayers.



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