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George L Schwei - Cam Failure #749

New 11/14/06

You can add me to the list of cam failures. I have a '96 Taurus SHO black in color. I live in Milwaukee, WI. and while on vacation in Pensacola FL. (Feb.'03) the dreaded noise began.  We had the repairs done at Royal Ford in Pensacola to the tune of  $3,000.00.  That and an unscheduled 3 week delay. In spite of that I still loved that car which I purchased in '98.
I just found out about your location through my Ford dealer as we needed some gaskets to stop an oil  leak at the oil cooler.  Ford no longer stocks them.  So thank you.
George L Schwei
MIlwaukee, WI.

Details Pending - Buford

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