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Ford OASIS Cam Memo

From SHO Forum - new 7/05/02

A Ford OASIS messages for May 15th, 2002 Finally

I found this on the daily Ford OASIS messages for May 15th, 2002. Maybe they are starting to acknowledge this as an issue.

3010 - 1996-1999 SHO

Ticking noise-valve cover area some 1996-1999 Taurus SHO vehicles may exhibit a ticking noise originating from the valve cover area. To service, first verify proper engine valve clearance per the workshop manual section 03-01-c, 'valve train adjustment' section. Next, verify proper torque of the primary timing chain sprocket bolts which is 64-95 nm or 48-70 lb-ft. Also, verify that the secondary chain sprockets do not move independently when holding the camshaft stationary. The secondary chain sprockets are press-fit onto the camshaft and are not serviced separately. An illustration of the secondary chain sprockets can be found in section 03-01c 'disassembly and assembly' section of the Taurus/Sable workshop manual.

(I changed from all upper case to normal sentence case to make it easier to read. - Buford)

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