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Evan Chudnow - Cam Failure

new 12/17/01


I read with great interest your website and listings talking about a possible major defect in the SHO. My own experience was in fact very similar. The morning of the problem, my car was making a strange clicking noise which my wife pointed out. That day , as I was driving I suddenly lost all power, including brakes, and had to come to a cruising stop. My car was towed first to a shop I use ( I thought it was the transmission or fuel pump) and then towed to a dealership. The dealership has since come back to me with a $6500 quote. I have since contacted Ford customer service and they are denying any responsibility. MY car is a 96 with almost 61k so it fits the description. Can you give me any suggestions.?

Evan Chudnow

EVAN CHUDNOW <evangostate@mailhost.det.ameritech.net



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