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Erin Tebbe - Cam Failure

new 12/07/02

I bought my 1996 SHO about 1 year ago. I loved the car and so did everyone else. It got more attention than my momís last anniversary edition Trans Am. At about 100,000 miles I heard a ticking noise and a few blocks later the engine started getting rougher and we turned the car off right away. We have read about the cam failures and were planning to send them in to get pinned...but as a college student it takes some time to save up money. We brought it into Ford thinking we still had the extended warranty and we told them what was wrong with it. They still decide to do all of the diagnostic tests and make us pay for all of these other things before they can look at it. So finally they look at it and figure out what's wrong and then they tell us after all of that, that our extended warranty is out. All I have to say is I hate Ford and my whole family is never buying anything through them ever again.

Erin Tebbe

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