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Eric's - Cam Failure #880

Date 1/5/08

MOM ! ! !

He did it AGAIN ! ! !

5 in the Drive now. What the HELL is wrong with me?
97 camfailure - 1st camfailure ever, I'm told... :-\

Uncle Lar ! ! ! Can I have a little help getting this one on the trailer? Thanx, Buddy.

"Daddy took his Tbird away", so now I'm gonna make a birthday present for my son. Tires were worth more than I paid for the car. I got pix,
I just gotta get some help getting them out of the phone from Mama.

Also, please to be registering yet another Camfailure:

Owner - Eric Lehmann
1997 SHO - VIN 1FALP54N9VA179822
failure happened at 182,000 on odometer

Car was warming up in previous owner's driveway when it died. Took it to a mechanic, zero compression in front cylinders, removed valvecover, verified spun front exhaust cam sprocket. All 8 intake valves are bent and tappet buckets are depressed in their bores.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony 42k Welded - With the Angels Now so that I don't have to be.
Long Live the Garage Queen !
97 Ebony 180k Camfailure. Gimme a few minutes...
96 Medium Willow Green Metallic 103k Resurrected, Welded, Eaton M90 inside
96 Rosemist 72k 2006 Best Of SHO, Popular Vote, 2007 Best Gen 3, Welded
96 Medium Graphite 120k - Resurrected, Welded
97 Pacific Green - Parting this one Out

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