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Eric Lehmann - Cam Failure #285

new 7/29/03

Tim, Larry-
Sign me up twice, please. Once for my Ebony 97 with 36,000 and once for my Toreador Red (With TAN leather interior) 97 with 122,000 (and grenaded motor). 

FWIW the previous owner who sold me the car elected NOT to list as a cam failure customer. As I bought the car with "Unknown" engine trauma, should I list as a cam failure? This car has NOT been accounted for on the list and the title is now in MY name. 
I expect to be running again in a couple of weeks, the head is rebuilt and back on with new cam. Just need time to weld it and finish putting it back together.
Time.....Yeah, RIGHT!

Car info-
Owner- Eric Lehmann , Lombard Illinois
97 Toreador Red ,122k, 1FALP54N5VA132965
Date of Failure - June 1, 2003
Driver was sitting at a stoplight when engine labored, limped across the intersection into a gas station and that was about it. Initial testing showed loss of compression in front cylinders. HUH.



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