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Eric Dussault - Cam Failure #557

New 6/23/05

Larry Can you add my name to the list for the class action

Eric Dussault/Marie Helene Dion

1999 Taurus SHO
 Front/left exhaust gear at least 8 intake valve bent
Vin:1FAFP54N9XA278673 2144
 Quebec, Canada

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From: showhat9@aol.com
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 1:14 PM
Subject: Re: Cam issue or?????

Sounds like the beginning of the end. Pull the battery literally to keep from starting the engine. I'm asking Eric to comment on your findings. I trust him - you should.

Larry E
97 Red Mods Welds

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From: ALCO BRAKES CANADA <alco@mediom.qc.ca>
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Tue, 21 Jun 2005 11:04:29 -0400
Subject: Cam issue or?????

Hello, I own a 99 SHO with as little as 53 000 miles on it. It as always been babied, Now I think I have a huge problem on it it started tapping one week ago for no apparent reason I checked oil and everything seemed to be ok I then decided to change oil again. Oil had only about 1000mile but maybe... the problem was not corrected so I decided to lift the front valve cover to check for valve clearance and at my surprise I found that I had about 1/4 inch clearance on all intake valve and I have about .014 on exhaust as required. It seem like all intake lifter are unloaded any advice will be appreciated as the ford dealership haven't seen this before (as usual)... I hope this is not a cam issue the gear seem to be at their places. in the front at least as I didn't lifted the rear cover.


Eric Dussault

1999 Taurus SHO v8 53 000 miles bought almost new in 2001 from ford dealer VIN 1FAFP54N9XA278673

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