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Earl Cam Failure #531 & More Ford Lies

New 4/28/05

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Subject: how to testify (cam failure)

Hello, my name is Earl about three to four weeks ago I email-ed your club about the class action suit you have going. I have a 96 SHO 148k with a stripped cam just spent $5,500 putting a 99 engine with 48k the mechanic took the covers off and said that the cams did not need to be welded, which he did try on my old engine but it was to late. He called a ford mechanic buddy of his and they looked up the cam and the cam sprocket which showed a new part number for that year and he says that compared to the previous years the this sprocket was heavy duty and it had very thick splines and looked welded not pressed on. Now was he just blowing smoke up my you know what, or did they make some major change just before they stopped production? the shop tells me that when they called ford they confirmed the change but was unwilling to say why the upgrade, (which if true we all know why) with all these folks suing them that would be saying there was a problem. how do I sign onto the suit and what progress if any have you had. Thank you for your time.

The reason your wrench couldn't give you any names is because he lied to you. The cams have never been changed from the original design. They really need to be welded to insure your return on your investment for years to come. You can directly tell the wrench if you wish that I'm calling him out and he needs to be more truthful with his customers. Get them welded Earl. 


Larry E
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