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Doug Tapia - Cam Failure #559

New 6/27/05

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From: Doug Tapia <drumndug@hotmail.com>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 22:54:54 -0600
Subject: V8 cam failure

My name is Doug Tapia and my wife is Theresa Tenney and we bought our 97 silver SHO in October of 2001. I knew nothing about the car other than it was a nice little sedan with some get up and go. Well any way Christmas day of this last year we were making the rounds to our parents and families. We had noticed the ticking sound a couple of weeks before but I was hoping it was a bad bearing in the power steering pump which had been whining a bit though it was topped off for fluid. Christmas day we were pulled to the side of a street with the engine running talking with one of our friends. All at once the engine idled way down and started chugging as the service engine light came on. My mothers house was two blocks away so we started for there and the car had very little power and was on the verge of dying the whole way. We had the car towed the next day and about that time I got on the internet. That was when I found SHOclub.com and was informed of the cam failure problem. We still don't know the extent of the damage simply for financial reasons. The warranty and all of that is obviously void so here we are trying to figure out what to do. Any way our vin. # is 1FALP54N8VA268684 and its a 1997 with no modifications that we know of. Thank you for your time.

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