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Doug Combs - Cam Failure #328 or My story . . . you are doing some good

new 12/19/2003


I recently read your story about how you become emotionally involved with some of the stories of those who report cam failures. I thought that you might like to hear where you have helped.

I recently (October 30th 03) purchased a 1996 SHO with 89,476 miles on it. I did a search on Google trying to find performance upgrades the night I bought the car, when I found your website. After reading the information there I immediately called the dealer (OK, next day) and purchased the extended warranty . . . something I have not done since my first car, 23 cars ago.

Although the warranty cost $1,343 it turned out to be money well spent when, after a less than 2 months, and less than 2500 miles later, my check engine light came on and my car died. I was traveling at freeway speed (around 75 MPH at the time of failure). I attribute the fact that I purchased the warranty ENTIRELY to your web site. I would have never purchased the warranty had you not provided the information that I read.

There is MUCH more to this story (which is not quite over yet in that my car is still being repaired) but basically it comes down to Ford screwing me, the Warranty company doing everything they could not to cover the expense, and a dealer that REALLY stepped up and handled the situation right.

The laugh is on Ford, in a very round about way. I generally have a daily driver and 1 to 3 “toys”. Currently one of my toys is a Jaguar XK-8 which I will be replacing this coming fall (when the weather gets cold enough that it needs to be garaged). I have been debating about what to replace it with. I had been very pleased with the XK-8 with a few small exceptions of the lack of performance, a frame that is not nearly rigid enough for my taste (purely taste) and a soft suspension (again taste). I assume that people know that Ford owns Jag, but perhaps I should not . . . anyway. I had decided to replace my XK-8 with an XK-R which would address all of these issues. This experience has changed that decision and I will now be purchasing a Mercedes SLK32-AMG, Porsche 911 or Boxter S rather than the XK-R. A $4,100 used Taurus that Ford would not stand behind has cost them a happy Jaguar owner and a $80,000 + sale.

BTW, the repairs were about $7,000 so I figure you saved me about $5,600. Additionally I would probably not have made the same decision about the Jag, had I not seen how Ford had treated others.

Answering your questions

1- 1996 Taurus SHO VIN #1FALP54N3TA320820
2- Freeway speed (about 75 MPH) Westbound I-80 between SLC and Wendover
3- Check engine light and engine failure
4- Towed the car over 200 miles to place of purchase
5- Don’t know exact mileage at failure, because I don’t have the car here, around 92,000 miles. I have reason to believe this might have been the second failure on this car in that the top of the engine has been marked Front and Rear indicating that it has been apart before.
6- Purchased the car with 89,476 miles
7- No Ford Warranty, Ford denied that a problem existed (their customer care SUCKS!) Warranty company denied full coverage, even though we were 20% through the warranty period. BTW we found out that the first warranty we purchased was not available on the SHO, it turns out MOST warranty companies won’t touch this car. Our dealer suggested that we sell the car prior to the 12,000 mile warranty on the engine repair runs out . . . unless we are collecting the SHO.

Keep up the good work; do you take donations for the site?

Thanks again for helping me, remember that you may help many that you never know about.

Doug Coombs

Thanks Doug - I'm just the keeper of the store. Tim and Mike are really the ones to thank for all the work they have done up to this point.



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