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Don Dodson - Cam Failure #748

New 11/10/06

I've got a Silver 97 SHO with 108,000 miles on it. Last week it started making a "ticking" sound that day by day got louder. I'm off on Fridays and was waiting for Friday to get here so one of my good friends that is also a mechanic could check it out. Friday morning (11-3-06) I was starting it to get the frost off the windows and it ran for 5 seconds tops then just died like you had turned it off. I had it towed to my friends shop. He called me later that day around 4:00pm and said he had one cover off and could see one cam broke.

I told him not to rush with it because my work is down to 30 hrs a week and the holidays coming up. I talked to him today and he hasn't got to check the valves yet or the other cams. The only place I've been able to find parts is the my Local Ford Dealership. They told me the intake Cam is $466.00 a piece and the exhaust Cam is $166.00 a piece. From reading your articles there's been a lot of this going on. I love my car. I can already see it's going to COST me to fix it but I don't care. My car is still in great condition still. I put new tires on it( one oil change on them), interior is still looking good, paint is still shining but yet my friends say I shouldn't spend a $2,000+ on it but I say whatever.

Any info you guys can give would be much appreciated.


Don Dodson
Cleveland, Tennessee

Details pending - Buford

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