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Deb Kudma - Cam Failure # 182, 183, 184

new 1/17/03

I found your website this evening while surfing the net looking for information on the SHO engine. I own a 1996 Ford Taurus SHO. In November of 2001, the engine died and was in the shop for about 6 weeks (warranty covered). I picked up my car before Christmas and on the 26th the engine failed again. Again, they had the car about a month and warranty covered the repairs. On January 30, 2001, my car died once again and had to be towed to the Ford dealership. What's wrong? Same thing. They're quoting me a repair cost of $3,500 (previous repairs were $3,500 which I did not have to pay- I did not see a statement for the second repair job) and telling me my warranty has expired. I told them to tell Ford I wanted a new engine. The service rep told me a new engine would be $12,000. I'm very reluctant to pay out $3,500 for repairs knowing somewhere down the road I'll probably be stalled again (and again). The fact that this engine has failed three times should be a good indication that this engine is defective. I have dealt with the Ford dealership for years and they have always been fair but I don't know what to do. Any advice? My car has about 78,000 miles on it and had around 51,000 the first time it failed.

Let me know what you think.
Deb Kudrna

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