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David Ware - Cam Failure

new 5/14/02

Hey Tim,

I realized I didnít submit my cam failure to you. I had 75,000 miles on my 97 SHO, and while surfing your site, and subsequently listening to the "sewing machine" mpg file of a cam fixing to let go, I realized I had the problem too. I paid Tom and Vadim $1,000 dollars for 4 pinned cams, and then turned around and had to pay the nice guys at Bob Howard Downtown Ford in Oklahoma City $1450 to install them. (they were the only guys in town that would even attempt it.) Iím very happy with the car/engine now, but a little miffed (lot miffed) that I had to shell out $2450 to keep my engine from self destructing. (Iím not a welding fan, for a number of reasons) That $2450 could have been spent in much more productive ways, obviously, like strengthening the tranny or modís. I cordially invite Ford Motor Company to reimburse me and my company for our trouble, or this electrical contractor (who runs about 25 trucks and vans in the field) will NEVER buy another Ford product again! (Weíve bought nearly 40 ford f150ís and f250ís several crown vics, several taurii and a number of work vans. To say Libra Electric has been a valued customer follows:









Crown Vic














These are approximate values and from memory only. Actual costs and quantities are probably higher.

They can either take care of this VPís cam problem, or they can watch Chevy and Dodge sell a million bucks worth of fleet vehicles to Libra Electric Company over the next decade.

Thank you Tim for your help in providing the website, and for providing a forum for SHO owners. Feel free to forward this letter to the guys at FOMOCO.

David R. Ware
Vice President
Libra Electric Company
4736 Enterprise Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73128

you can view my camshafts and the ease in which the sprocket slides up and down the shaft at: http://www.picturetrail.com/daverino37 itís located in the camshaft album.

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