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David Vincent - Cam Failure #405

new 07/06/2004

Hi this is David Vincent again. I am writing again to submit info for the lawsuit I just read about. Here goes.
1.VIN # 1FAFP54N4WA221909
2. It started making noise early March 2004. after a few weeks of sound getting worse, I've let it sit for 3 weeks. Now it won't start. ( It won't even turn over) like it's froze up.
3. Sitting idle in parking lot when the sound started. Parked it for 3 weeks then dead.
4. Died at 83690 mi. (previous e-mails I sent you said 73000. I was wrong)
6. NA
7. 08/06/ 2002
8. 058423
9. David Vincent phone #
 Milan Mi. 48160
10. Sitting in idle in parking lot. Heard strange noise, and smelled something strange from engine. When I revved the engine it would make grinding whining noise. (like a sewing machine). It got worse as I drove it. The engine would perform fine. But the noise was real bad after a while. I let the car sit for a few weeks, went back to start it to no avail. (jumping battery would do no good as I tried a couple times). Car would not even turn over. It seems Froze up.
11. Haven't called in a mechanic as I am completely broke. spent my money on school) and have been getting around on my Motorcycle.
12. NA
13. NA
14. NA
15. After talking to a few of my friends, I thought it could have been a blown piston. But after reading other testimonials on this site, it HAS to be the cam failure. My car's symptoms exactly match those of other victims.
16. NA
17. If recalled, Ford pays for towing cost to the nearest dealership to have it fixed for good. I have four more years to pay on that car. I have no money, and no car to get me through the winter season.
Contact me any time. If I don't answer, leave a message, I'll get back with you soon. Thanks again

David Vincent


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