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Dave Shoaff - Cam Failure

new 7/30/02, updated 1/31/03

Well put me on the list My SHO Discontinued functioning a couple of months ago probably in May. I was unsure what was wrong with it so I sent it to a Friend at a Dealer and got the bad news. We stripped the Cam gear on the left side intake and bent all of the intake valves. I can repair it my self but I do not have that kind of cash to by the parts. Does any one have the information on how to index the gear on the cam so it is in time on the cam? If so I would appreciate it.

I am not one that is big on law suites but what are the chances of a recall and what should I be doing to help out.
(1996 SHO    89,000 miles  VIN # 1FALP54N8TA248769)

Dave Shoaff


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