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Daniel Finn - Cam Failure #730

New 6/28/06

My name is Daniel Finn and I am new to your website. I sure wish I found it before I bought my 1998 SHO. The car started making a small ticking noise that I noticed at 91,000 miles. Then at 98,356 the car died on my traveling at 75mph on the expressway. Luckily, it was Sunday morning and there was no traffic in Boston. My mechanic who became very familiar with my SHO  the 2 years I owned it told me, the motor was ruined and it would be more to fix it then it was worth. I had it towed to the dealer and they told me the same thing. I still owed 2 grand on it so I had it towed into Toyota and traded it in. What a mess. 

Daniel Finn 

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