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Dane S. - Cam Failure

new 11/09/01


Just writing to let you know that my 98' SHO (61,000 mi.) is in the shop experiencing everything that has been previously documented on the site. I was hearing a ticking sound and then the engine died on me (lost brake and engine rpm power) I guess I was lucky that I didn't crash, (I was on the highway). Anyway, had the vehicle towed to a dealer in Toledo, Ohio. Needs new camshaft and heads, blew front left gasket and intake and bent sprocket rods. Total cost for this repair...$3200 no warranty for me. Bought Used! The car has been in the shop since last Thursday (Oct. 25th). Interestingly enough and this is why I'm writing to begin with, Ford has offered to help out with about 50% of the cost on the cams and etc. However, they will have to take the whole engine apart to check for block and piston damage. Seeing how it's Friday probably won't know anything til early next week. Although the Service Director said it could cost around $10,000 if there is this damage to these additional parts. Is the welding a good solution? (That is if the damage is so severe and what do you recommend if I need a new engine?) If so do you know anyone in the Tri-State area...particularly OHIO that would do the welding to the other cams as well as a future preventative measure? Let me know what you think?

Dane S.

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