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Chuck Bruders - Cam Failure #462

New 10/24/04

Today I missed LaPeer but was given a SHO to spare. Front Head Exhaust Cam Sprocket had walked over against the large nut on the shaft. ie. - No Gap. Further testing showed a small amount of movement between this sprocket and shaft. All over except for the $15,000 engine Bill. Owner requested me to inform the website for him.

1996 SHO with 91,607 miles
Owner - Chuck Bruders, Wisconsin resident
Known Failure Date - 10-23-04 VIN

Regards Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony - welded
97 Toreador Red # 285 - welded
96 Willow Green # 326 - welded
91 Jade
Plus SHO-fa

What`s to become of this SHO ?

B.King 13

It Lived! No Warranty on the front most camsprocket, but he drove home tonight. Just kills me to see a beautiful, well maintained vehicle on the verge of exploding without warning despite obvious best efforts of the owner. Caught this one at Death's door and it wasn't making a sound.


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