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Christopher Baker - Cam Failure # 338

new 1/19/04,updated 1/24/2004

Christopher Michael Baker, 


I just got news from the Ford dealership my car is at and they told me that I have cam failure. The sound coming from the engine is like a rod knocking, or as my wife said, ”It sounds like a Mercedes.”   What's sad is this is the seventh time my car has been in the shop. The first dealership apparently could not figure out the problem. They kept telling me different things that could be wrong that I had fixed but didn't fix the problem. I finally requested a regional mechanic come out to the dealership and look at the car. He said it was the transmission so the mechanics tore out my tranny and rebuilt it. After all that I still had the problem. That's when I decided to take it to another dealership. I was actually told by the service writer that when he entered a description of the problem into some database of Ford's that a TSB popped up about Cam Failure. I am just lucky enough that when I bought my SHO used at 55000 miles, my bank offered me an extended warranty that I have just about 200 miles left on, but not lucky enough for them to pay for everything. I think I’ll consider myself lucky if I can get away from this with only paying a grand or two. I would appreciate any advice on how to handle this problem and some info on how I can join the class action lawsuit.


v     VIN – 1FALP54N7VA172089

v     Date of Malf. – 12Jan04

v     Malfunction took place while driving on a highway

v     Odometer is at 95K

v     I was going 60 mph at a constant speed

v     I bought my SHO used in July of 2001

v     When I bought my SHO, it had about 50K

v     Description of the events leading up to the cam failure

v     Engine started knocking, loss of power

v     I have contacted Ford regional offices many times, but still have gotten nowhere

v     Latest contact is a Duncan Alderson @ (313) 213-3000, & press 0 twice

v     I also have a trouble report # from Ford; 0373021492

v     I n the past I have been extremely dissatisfied with Ford’s Customer Care Line.

v     With everything that went wrong while the dealership had my car for a month, I was a little upset but stayed calm. The uniform answer had to be that since Mclaughlin Ford is indepently owned, that Ford could do nothing to help me because Service area Is an indirect area of Ford..

v     Mclaughlin Ford

950 N. Main street at Hwy 76-378 Bypass

Sumter, SC 29150

            (800) 948-7764

            (803) 773-1481

v     I had my vehicle in to Mclaughlin starting in June 2003 for a total of 5 times.  I was told to get a tune up to fix, I was told it was the turbine input speed sensor, and my car had a new transmission put in. I even got a Regional Mechanic from Ford to come out to check out the car and he was not sure what the problem was. I had everything done to it they told me and my car still had the problem.  On January  13, 2004 I took my car to a different dealership, Redfearn Ford, and they had the problem diagnosed in half an hour. The second dealership I had it to was

v     Redfearn Ford

v     979 Hwy 1 South

v     Lugoff, SC29078

v     (803) 438-6124

v     www.redfearn.com

v     As far as what the Dealer is saying the cause of the failure, He didn’t give me a answer

v     Plain and simple, the sprocket on the cam is faulty




95K, BS


I had my car at a Ford dealership where it was diagnosed with Cam
Failure. The Ford dealership's only "cure" was a new engine. My
warranty company will not pay for a new engine...they will only pay for a
used one. The dealership then said they will not put used parts in a
car...only new parts. After thinking I was all out of options, my
warranty company then agreed to taking the car to a mechanic who would
put the used parts/engine in. Well, my warranty company now tells me
that I have to prove to them that this cam failure was not caused by
neglect on my part. In order to prove that, the warranty company wants
the engine torn down by the mechanic as well as all receipts showing that
the car has been properly maintained. To tear the engine down will cost
$1700. The mechanic has informed me that he has found a refurbished
engine with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty for $3,300. Is that a good
price or should I find one somewhere else? The mechanic is willing to
work with me as far as where the engine comes from. Also, the mechanic
has told me that the GRAND TOTAL (Parts and Labor) will cost $6,000. 
With all of this being said, am I getting a good deal, or am I getting
ripped off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking to get involved in a Cam Failure class action 
lawsuit, due to the fact my warranty Co. is not going to pay 
the whole bill. Who do I need to contact about this?

Christopher Baker
97 BS, K&N
"On life support" Too early to tell if she'll pull through.


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