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Chris Ward - Cam Failure #233

new 3/14/03

Via Phone

Chris Ward (Detroit Area) had a nice 1998 V8SHO that failed at 60k. He loved that car. Stealership quoted him $19,000 to replace the engine. Chris had an almost full payment book so the dealer offered to take the car off his hands and roll the debt over. One of those deals; something like this: " I can put you in a new Escort for only $5,000 down and $750 a month for 84 months and your old car."

Chris declined. 

Imagine that.

We put him in contact with the cam team and recommended he also contact his state Attorney General.

Chris does win 2nd place The first place winner/owner was offered a $23,000 engine rebuild a few years back and actually paid for that repair.  I hope when if that guy gets restitution and triple damages he will get enough money from Ford to buy a new NSX  or 2 new Corvettes. 

Dealership denied any knowledge of existing cam problems, offered no assistance and blamed the whole problem on Chris.

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