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Chris Kidd - Cam Failure #700

New 6/14/06

Not sure if you got this information yet:
Chris Kidd
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Failed at 100,100 miles on May 5, 2006
Purchased 2004 with 60,163
Failed at startup.
Rest of the story:
Okay, I know it's been a while since I posted about anything that concerned the car we all love and drive (snicker, snicker) but as I was driving by the dyno shop today I spotted the mid section of a Taurus with 17" wheels and then as the rear came into view realized it was a '96 so I whipped a U-turn and pulled in. Turns out the guy figured I was some sort of snob since he said he had left a couple of cards on my wipers with his name and number trying to get in touch with me. The guy at the dyno shop kept telling him about mine but he said there is "no he could believe that would be even remotely possible".
Larry and Tim, I will get his information later today or tomorrow since he had a cam failure and was real shocked when he took it to the same dealer I did and they told him it was a "bad lifter". I am not sure where he had it rebuilt at but he got the cam welded at Scamardo Fabricating, a machine shop right across the street from where I had mine done at. He is really psyched still about the car even after enduring that and has done some minor mods besides the wheels including removal of all the cats and addition of Flowmaster Delta's. So if he signs up please take it easy on Chris Kidd, he is a fan and knows about the cams, though he only has the one that failed welded he does have plans to get the other three done.


Carter Fuji


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