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Chet Strzelczyk - Cam Failure #308

new 10/10/03, updated 10/16/2003

Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring. I have a 1997 SHO and am currently without my car due to the fact it is having the cams welded and valves timed. The ticking started a little over a week ago with 143,000 miles. I was fortunate to get it to a dealer who indirectly referred me to a technician that could do it on the side. Joe Madden Ford was as helpful as they could be, I guess. My SHO is a 1997 and the vin# is 1FALP54N7VA262455.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do help out.


Chet Strzelczyk

1) Vin # 1FALP54N7VA262455

2) The car started acting up around 9/15/2003. I brought it to Joe Madden Ford and they gave me 2 options, I chose the second.

3) I was fortunate in that the car was still drivable and I brought it in in time before serious damage occurred.

4) Mileage is 143,780

5) N/A

6) N/A

7) I purchased the car used with about 14,000 miles on it from Elmhurst Lincoln.

8) 14,000

9) Chet Strzelczyk
Summit, IL 60501

10) The car started ticking softly until it became noticeable, and aggravating. I brought it into a local mechanic who was unaware of the problem and said it needed a valve adjustment. He said it was very difficult, but I would still be able to drive the car until I had this done. I decided to stop into a Ford dealership, against my better judgment. They did diagnose the problem, and then gave me two options. The first being a very expensive fix to replace all of the parts, the second would be a recommendation of what Ford says not to do. And that is weld the cams in place. I chose the second option and then sent the car off to be repaired. It is dangerous that Ford has not sent out a bulletin to eliminate what I have gone through. Had I not thought about it and went to a Ford dealer, then my engine would have blown and I would have been SOL!!!

11) I did not call Ford Customer Service

12) N/A

13) Joe Madden Ford
Downers Grove, IL

14) N/A

15) ??? Bad design??

16) $750

17) Pay me back for my time and the repairs.

Thanks, Chet

I spoke to Chet this afternoon to verify that Joe Madden Ford actually referred him to a welder who apparently is familiar with this type of work. IIRC this is only the second or maybe third Service Writer from a dealership that has actually been honest and helpful.  Maybe there is a ray of hope???


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