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Chad Neidiffer - Cam Failure # 192 & 193

new 1/21/03

I just had a used SHO engine put into my vehicle after the original had been diagnosed with catastrophic engine damage. The used engine is just now starting that tapping noise that my original engine had made when the car was in idle. My Ford dealership just put this engine in late last week and I'm already hearing the start of the same problem with the cams. I paid $1500 for this engine hoping the problem was solved. Not until I found out about this web site did I know that SHO engines self-destructed. The dealership I bought my vehicle from failed to mention this problem with the engines, both the original engine and its replacement. I can't afford another engine and currently don't trust anyone with Ford to give me answers or satisfaction. I had a family relative talk to a regional Ford Rep. who was rude and acted as if the problem was mine, not Ford's or the dealerships. I'm ready to get legal advice on my situation and am hoping for a positive solution to this bizarre problem. Anyone with advice who has been in this same situation please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Chad E. Neidiffer

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