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Chad E Neidiffer - Cam Failure #181

new 1/16/03

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From: Chad Neidiffer 
To: Buford@v8sho.com 
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 2:09 PM
Subject: catastrophic engine damage

Name: Chad E. Neidiffer 
Year: 96 Taurus SHO 
VIN: 1FALP54N7TA296019 

Vehicle History:
I have owned my 96 SHO for a little less than two years. Just recently, around the 75-80K mile mark I started hearing a clicking noise come from my engine. I took my car to the Ford dealership where I purchased the vehicle and they said they didn't have an idea of what could be malfunctioning. The dealership quoted me $1200 to take the engine out, mentioned it could be up to several thousand dollars to fix the problem, and said it would be another $1200 to place the engine back in the vehicle. I went to battle with the dealership over the money amount so they placed a used SHO engine in my vehicle for $1500. Until after the fact, I'm just now understanding what went wrong with my first engine and am fearful it will happen again with it's replacement. The dealership never mentioned there were problems with these engines and I'm interested of my legal rights. I've already contacted Edelman, Combst, and Latturner, LLC and have to send them paperwork on my situation. Before Ford fixed my vehicle I took my car to an engine shop and they diagnosed the noise as catastrophic engine damage. I'm just now learning of the brotherhood I have with all fellow SHO owners who have been taken advantage of by Ford and their local community dealerships. Please offer any advice that may help me in my situation. 

Chad E. Neidiffer 

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