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Cathy Battles Cam Failure # 332

new 01/12/2004, updated 1/13/2004

Thanks for talking to me today. I finally feel like there is a light at the end of my bank note!

Cathy Battles
Chilhowee, MO 64733

Details pending. I spoke with Cathy today. We need to help her out. Anybody have a lead in the K.C area???



Thanks for all the great info. I called the Ford customer service line and they have never heard of such a problem. Shock huh? here are some answers to your Questions: But first the car is registered in my boyfriend's name will that be a problem? 

1. 1FALP54N2TA263736
2. 10-03 I will get the exact date later.
3. 104,000 I'll send exact mileage later.
4. Dealership service parking lot.
5. Parked
6. Started the car.
7. Used. 8-16-02
8. 72932
9. Cathy Battles, Jeff Stoneking 
Chilhowee, MO 64733
10. There was a knocking noise for about a week, took it to the dealership. their first estimate was for 2200.00 I told them I had to think about it, I went to pick up the car and it wouldn't start the service manager went out to start it and blew the engine (sprockets broke loose and went into the engine).
11. none
12. I was told I have no warranty. 
13. Gregg Smith Ford
1316 Price LN 
Clinton, MO 64735 
14. Sprockets on Cam shaft were loose. 
15.The cam shaft and sprockets should have been made better. 
16. I have estimates ranging from 2200 to 9800 
17. Admit to their mistake and recall the Cam shafts to help offset the cost of fixing my car. 

Seems to me their needs to be some accountability if a service manager/mechanic from a dealership knowingly bumps an engine on a car with a failing sprocket.

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