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Carter Fuji - Cam Failure

new 11/09/01

Well, it is certainly a good thing I went ahead and got the crate motor. Removal of the head revealed 6 bent exhaust valve and one cracked piston. The other pistons are all dinged but reusable. I have just thrown the pics onto to my growing engine swap and cam trouble album on the picturetrails album. Hit the link below.

Tim, would you like a couple of these in larger format for the sight? I left all of them available to be lifted but the resolution is not as good from picturetrails. Let me know.

Carter Fuji

'97 Black Satin - 94k and Headless
Rebuilt Tranny
Yamaha Oval logo's
26mm Sway Bar
4" Side skirting, 3" Air Dam extension
Alternator cutout switch
Aluminum RAM intake to semi-porterized airbox
Insulated expansion chamber and elbow
Pilot P700B-100W Driving lamps inplace of grill (sorry no Ford badge now)
Front Lowered 1"
Whistler w/compass
SARC Switch
TB coolant bypass
Caution 140 windows up decal
Cooper HPZ760's - 225-

I would be happy to join that class action if they get it going. I'd like part of my new motor paid for. These cams are just poorly designed for automotive use according to a machinist I took it to. He told me to get a real set, not these disposable ones. He just about shit when I told him I didn't consider $840 disposable. Why do we pay that much for something guaranteed to failure in a most likely catastrophic way (pistons not clearing open valves)? I personally find it an atrocity that one would market a $30,000 dollar car Mostly for the $12,000 engine) and put these cams in an otherwise beautiful motor. Don't forget about the tranny's too.

<A HREF="http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=carterfujibayashi">

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