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Cam Weld in Florida

new 6/25/03

We have a NEW source in the Eastern Region on Central Florida for CAM WELDING and overall SHO Maintenance!!! His name is Carlos and his email address is: LnCarlos@aol.com

He is a Master ASE Certified mechanic in the Palm Bay area (just south of Melbourne). He is offering the following service for $400.00:

Melbourne is a lot closer that Atlanta, so let's use Carlos and keep him happy!!!

Please contact him, and set up an appointment to have your cams welded. Please pass this on to any/all SHO owners in Florida.


Rob Lawn

I am happy to have another cam welder to service V8SHO owners. It is unclear to me how many cars Carlos has done so I would remind owners that the normal cautions apply until he can build a track record. - Buford

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