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Cam Weld Instructions

new 12/17/01 - Note car owner assumes all risk, this could effect warranty status with Ford. V8SHO & Doug Lewis provide this for Information only and assume NO RISK, 

Instructions per Doug Lewis' e-mail to me:

"Have them use very high heat when welding and only weld a 1/4" spot at a time. Put three spots on all 4 cams one at a time (i.e., weld on cam, then the next, then the next. Rotate the engine a third of the way around and repeat. Do this three times so that you've got three spot welds equally spaced around the cam and done with enough time in between as to let the cams cool. Too much heat on one cam will twist it out of shape). "

FYI - Doug recommends TIG or MIG welding and uses MIG, purely because that's what he has... I had mine TIG welded per these instructions and had the welds break (on an already very loose sprocket, responsible for major "ticking" in the engine) after only 50 miles! I do believe that a tight sprocket will be PERMANENTLY affixed by spot welds. Anyway, the offending sprocket has now been affixed with a complete bead around both sides and better not come off!

Got the car back today and am looking forward to many more enjoyable miles. It's really nice to enjoy the V8 SHO after the Focus loaner...

96 ES w/heavily welded mthafgn sprockets

Subject: How 'bout a step-by-step to weld cams?
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:11:03 -0500

OK ok ok...we've heard the horror stories, and seen the destruction that a wild-ass loose cam can do to our engines. Now unless I need to head to the FAQ and print off the step-by-step procedure with full pictures (I haven't seen it)...COULD someone do us ALL a HUGE favor and give us exactly what we need? That is a 1.,2.,3.,....outline with what to do, where to do it and how to do it?


Pictures, video, (we have video/audio of a loose cam) crayon sketches, pen-and-ink...hell I don't care!! I have 125,000 miles on my 96 with a rebuilt tranny and I want to make sure these cams don't go AWOL! Heading to your local mechanic with the notion of welding the cams will leave you with a faceful of "WTF" from your favorite grease-monkey!

Help is requested AMIGO'S!!

Scott Waters
On my 2nd 96 V8 SHO
Former owner of the latest 13 second G3 SHO seen at


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