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Cam Problem Expectations

new 6/2/02


Here is what everyone MUST understand. The process has just begun. The SHO V8 Cam problem has finally been brought to the attention of some of the right people at Ford. Thanks Tim Wright, and the many people that responded to the request for information/support, there is a chance (note: CHANCE) that there could be a recall or some other remedy for this problem. My guess is: Now that Ford knows the extent of the problem, and that the group is getting vocal, they will need a recall. Motors dying on freeways are a safety issue, and that gets the attention of everyone these days.

How long will it take? I am guessing 2 to 6 months with the latter being more likely. These things don't usually happen overnight, but I hope I am wrong.

I think it is a good thing that we are still getting calls/e-mails from Ford customer service (I got a follow up survey thing, a generic response, but I used it to make the cam point again) AFTER the big meeting.

The engineer that I have been working with in Chicago is also going at this from his office.

So have patience, it doesn't do much good to speculate, but if contacted, be nice, be firm and ask for a recall and reimbursement for those that have been out-of-pocket so far.

Chances are we won't hear much for a while, so everyone relax and let the system work for a short while.

Don Mallinson

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