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Cam Failures #786 - #789

New 3/20/07, updated 4/3/07

Tim, Here is the info on two of the 4 motor swaps. These two were done here in Spencer and the other two are in Miami Fl and Ill be there on Friday and will get the info for you after we switch them out.

Car 1
1997 Green 1falp54n7va270491
Owner Joe Rogan Minnesota

Car 2
1997 Silver 1falp54n0va159460
Owner Bill Hasty Jr Tennessee

Car 3
1997 In Florida will forward the vin
Evans Lamothe

Car 4 in Florida
I cant find the info, will forward it to you while in FLA or there after
VIN: 1FAFP54N5WA225001

Kirk J Doucette
SCT Dealer
1023 Welded

Thank Kirk, That is a big help, Buford - More details pending.

This would be car 4 from this page http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/CamFailures786789.htm

Still waiting for Evans to get me his vin.

Kirk J Doucette
SCT Dealer
1023 Welded


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