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Cam Failure - #409

new 7/8/04

Caught this one in the nick of time.  Friend's 97 with about 130,000 miles developed ticking.

Dealer mechanic told him it was the lifters not pumping up and that was why the noise would go away when the engine was rev'd up. I had been telling him for months to get the cams welded.  When he told me what the Ford mechanic had told him, I told him this was BS and he needed to get this taken care of ASAP.  So I pulled the cams out and sure enough, the rear exhaust cam had a loose sprocket that had not yet slipped.  He sent cams to Don at FPS, welded them, and I replaced them with valve lash adjustment.  Don't think this engine would have lasted much longer before becoming a statistic.  He was a very lucky owner.

I will get the details on car for database.

John Stoessel

Details pending


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