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Calling all Canadian Cam Failures

New 6/30/05

I just spoke to Eric Dussault about the issue of Canadian Cam Failures. They are a problem because they are not in the jurisdiction of USA courts. We want to help you guys north of the border get organized and get something going.

So I called Eric at work just now and it went like this.


Buford: Eric Dussault please.

Receptionist: Eric Dussault, oui, oui!!

Buford to Eric (in my best Jackie Gleason voice): Damn buddy, do you know your receptionist talks like a foreigner?


Anyway, Eric does seems to get my humor, fits right in. We do need to get this Canadian contingent rolling cause we Yankees can only do so much.

Eric said something to the effect (with a charming accent): "The Ford dealership loves to sell me a car but when I have a problem they do not want to talk to me anymore."

Think so Eric?  That doesn't need translation, because it's the same world over.

How does one say "Loaded for Bear" in French?


Ok I love humor, make fun of us, we make fun of you, all in kindness. Nothing lacking in charity. But if you guys don't soon get this together, shame on you guys. The joke will be on you.

I'll get something up on V8SHO from Eric soon on this. But you guys from the frozen north got to also do your part.



BTW, I don't know if Eric Dussault is on this list server so consider a "reply all" if your interested in this topic.

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From: Chris Archer
To: v8sho@v8sho.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 11:33 AM
Subject: RE: Canadian Cam Failures

Coincidentally, I just emailed John Hamilton about scheduling another Canadian Camfest for September. Anyone interested please email me directly. Just because some of our friends north of the border may talk a little funny doesn't mean they should be left out of the loop for cam welding, or sticking it to Ford...

get a translator, they will never understand Kirk.


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From: "Pierre Fogal" <pierre.fogal@sympatico.ca>
To: <v8sho@v8sho.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: Canadian Cam Failures

 Soooo if you bought your car in the USA (Colorado) but got it welded in Canada  (Ida, ON) and now reside there (Guelph, ON) .... how would that work?

98 TR

If you now reside here, and bought it here I assume your in,

Got it welded in Cdn is like that big animal from Africa, it's irrelevant.

or as Buford T Justice would say, the "Germans have nothing to do with it", (not germane)

register with the class action suit yet?


Just slap a UN logo on the doors and hope for the best!

That's a prominent clause in the UN charter, right? "Just hope for the best." :D

Chris Archer

Canadian courts last time I looked for class actions you have to file 2x. Once to prove you are consider a class. Once the courts rubber stamp that then you have to file the actual suit.

I run ads in Canadian papers out of my own pocket and got 2 whopping responses.

I am off today due to daughters Sr. K grad. but will double check with our Law firm tomorrow.


Joking aside, You guys up north need to get this together, and V8SHO wants to help.

Why not contact:

Clare Allenby,  London, 1996

John Hamilton,  Peterborough, 1997

Ian Macoomb, Ottawa, 1997

Eric Dussault  - cam failure #557


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