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Brian Smith - SHO Defender

new 5/22/02


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Brian S Smith

Express your concern of the engine failures and your determination of the cause

The "stakeholder's" website, v8sho.com (ably managed by Tim Wright) provides ample cause for concern, documenting a too high and too early engine failure rate for '96-'99 SHOs.

General assessment is poor cam sprocket design results in camshaft slippage and subsequent engine failure. (But of course one would expect FOMOCO to take sufficient interest in the problem to make its own determination.)

What would you like for FOMOCO to do to solve this problem?

(1) Acknowledge the problem.

(2) Develop a suitable fix (e.g., welding or pinning cam sprockets) and make available to current owners; offer cash compensation to current/previous owners with documented failures.


The '98 SHO is my first domestic since 1969 (the last, a '63 Galaxy 500). Current mileage on the vehicle is 37k. It is covered until March 2004 or 60k with $0 deductible Premium Care, at which point if the cam problem has not been addressed satisfactorily by FOMOCO, the car will be sold, thereby alienating me and the likely the next owner from consideration of any future Ford purchase. (But if things truly are changing for the better at Ford regarding this vehicle, the company also might acknowledge and remedy the 98's defective speedometer that reads zero at speeds above 105 mph...)

Many thanks,

Brian Smith

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