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Brian Oravec - Cam Failure

new 11/09/01


I have been on the list for a while and have been reading the emails daily for months. My wife and I bought a 98 ES with just under 50k on her. Perfect condition well maintained at dealership and I just changed the oil with Mobil 1 Synthetic....new tranny at 35k, new tires, and we took care of the high idle surge prob at 50k...after using the tech sheet from v8sho.com (Thanks to all!) . Recently at 55k our PS pump bit the dust. On the way to the dealer...cam noise! Less than 10 miles on cam noise thank goodness. However....we have the ESP for 3 years. The dealer confirmed cam problem today. Not sure what to do. Iím asking you to ask the group, post for me, or answer if you can for me...what can I expect from this scenario. The dealer gave me a 2001 Focus (YUCK) DEF AINT NO SHO) as a loaner. no strings attached for now. Can I expect a used engine? Should I sue ? what do I do? Iím not gonna continue to pay this car payment for a car I cannot drive for 3 months. Can I expect resolution? They say no new engines...and no used to be found. Do I sell? File some sort of claim? Accept a cheap fix that doesnít really fix the issue? Buy another car? What can I expect ? Iím scared and confused. We bought the car in March last year....no data on cam probs at the time, then, the past 3-6 months have been frightening. My wife thought I had become paranoid and then...Happy Friggin Holloween. Any help or advice from the group would be appreciated. You all are to be commended for keeping us sane and the level of help and understanding among members is to be commended!


Brian Oravec
Newark, Ohio

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