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Title: Brian O'Neal Cam Failure #320

new 11/04/2003

They finally got me. My 97 SHO with 184,000 miles on it (all mine except the first 120) now has cam issues. Last month it started sounding like am old singer sewing machine or just like the MotorClick.mpg's on George's 96 ES SHO. The car still runs great till I parked it and went to work removing the cam's. The odd thing is most of the noise seemed like it was coming from the driver side rear bank. After I removed the rear valve cover the cam sprocket is on the passenger side not the driver side.

 I guess I am a little confused on exactly what is making the noise, is it the sprocket or the valves making the noise? The intake cam sprocket on the rear bank has a very small shinny area next to the cam sprocket. Does this mean that the gear has turned some and has put the engine out of time on the rear head only, and the result is a very bad spark knock? If that is the case then how do I align the cam sprocket to its original position to weld it? I can see an X mark on the gear but nothing on the cam itself. Does it align up with the dowel pen on the end of the cam shaft? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brian O'Neal 
97 Pacific green


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