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Brent Schmeichel - Cam Failure # 501

New 1/18/05

From: "upngo50"
To: <Larry@v8sho.com>
Subject: Fw: Failure!!!
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 21:02:51 -0600

Larry here is the email again. I also included the questionnaire you ask me to complete. any questions let me know

Brent Schmeichel

1.. VIN#s


2. Date of malfunction

 January 14, 2005

3. Where did the malfunction take place (highway, city streets, driveway, parking lot, etc.)

My driveway

4. Odometer reading at time of malfunction


5. How fast were you traveling?

0 MPH, sitting in my driveway idling

6. Were you accelerating or staying at a constant speed?

Neither, the car was idling in my driveway

7. Estimated date of purchase, new or used?

November of 2004

8. Estimated Odometer reading at time of purchase


9. Full Name, address, and a good phone# to reach you at during the day and night.

Brent Schmeichel (edit)

10. Brief description of the time of events leading towards the malfunction. (what did you hear and see before, during, and after the malfunction)

Started the car up one extremely below zero morning so it could warm up before I used it and went in the house. When I came out of the house and got into the car I notice the car sounded kinda dieselly & a ticking noise I never heard before. By time I was done with my errands and I was back home the ticking was quite a bit louder. I shut the car down and immediately called Doug @ Performance Plus in Madison. It was not started again until the cams got welded.

11. Customer service phone # you called and the name of the person you talked to. (if you can remember) I did not call Ford. The car is well past the warranty. Why waste my time?

12. Did you feel satisfied with the answers customer service provided? Explain. I am sure even if I called them I would not have been satisfied with what ever bull crap they could come up with to explain their design flaw.

13. Which dealership did you take your vehicle in for service? (name, address, phone#) I took the car to: Performance Plus 5380B King James way Madison, WI 53719 (608)277-9232

14. What was the cause of failure determined by the dealer? Doug @ Performance Plus told me the timing gear on the exhaust cam in bank one was loose.

15. What was the cause of failure determined by you? Cam failure

16. How much was your statement? (I hope you kept your receipt) $575 to have the cams welded.

17. What can FOMOCO do to make you a satisfied Ford owner? Pay my bill and tack on some extra for the inconvenience.

----- Original Message -----
From: upngo50
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 4:54 PM
Subject: Failure!!!

Larry, I would like to report my cam failure that occurred Friday January 14th, 2005. I noticed a funny noise coming from my car Friday morning, by the end of the day my car sounded like a diesel running with a bad tick. I parked it and called Doug @ Performance Plus. I towed the car down to him Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon I got the report that the exhaust cam on bank one was showing definite play and would need immediate attention. The cams are now welded up and Doug did an incredibly outstanding job! I would recommend anyone in the area of Madison, Wisconsin to see him for your SHO concerns.

Thanx to V8SHO.com I knew about the potential problem ahead of time and what to look for. It saved me from total engine failure!

Thank You,
Brent Schmeichel

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